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Thank you for visiting the CEDAR BAKERY web site and reviewing our privacy policy.

As a leading provider of electronic communication tools that use the WWW to share information, CEDAR BAKERY recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of all users of its systems and services and protecting the security of information held on clients. We follow the Guidelines for the Federal and ACT Government Websites as issued by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

This site is operated by Net2U without the use of an external service provider. Net2U is a service provider and will make a record of your visit by logging the following information for statistical purposes

  • the user’s server address and the user’s top level domain name (eg. .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.);
  • the date and time of the visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded;
  • the previous site visited and the type of browser used.

No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the service provider’s logs.

The CEDAR BAKERY website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of other web sites and encourage you to examine each site’s privacy policies.

Security of Information

This website is based on the Pegboard content management system, which incorporates the following security:

  1. Pegboard has 2 dedicated secure user databases: Front end security and CMS security. These databases offer complete segregation of user permissions and user rights assignment.
  2. The web site is protected by a Hardened firewall.
  3. There are no vendor default passwords in use.
  4. The web server operating system is updated with all known fixes to vulnerabilities and updates.
  5. There is no unprotected or unsecured direct access to system databases or servers
  6. All a web applications are process isolated.
  7. CAPTCHA’s (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.) are used to protect submission forms from Bots.


Collection and use of personal information

Personal information collected by the CEDAR BAKERY is treated as confidential and is protected by the Privacy Act 1988. Personal information is information relating to an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion provided.
When you e-mail us:

  • we will record your e-mail address;
  • we will only use your e-mail address for the purpose for which you provided it;
  • it will not be added to a mailing list, unless provided by you specifically for that purpose;
  • we will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose ;
  • we will not disclose it without your consent.

Other personal information collected by us, will only:

  • be collected by lawful and fair means ;
  • be used for a lawful purpose ;
  • be collected with your consent;
  • the purpose for collection will be clear and explicit.

Interactive Services

The CEDAR BAKERY website offers interactive features and applications. All personal information sent or posted via such features becomes public information for which CEDAR BAKERY accepts no responsibility.


The CEDAR BAKERY website uses “cookies,” a piece of data stored on the user’s hard drive containing information about the user. Cookies benefit the user by requiring login only once, thereby saving time while on the site. If users reject the cookies, they may be limited in the use of some areas of the site.
See Wikipedia for more information on cookies.

CEDAR BAKERY only uses cookies for password recognition and to maintain navigation information during your site visit. These cookies will not remain on your computer at the end of each Internet session. Most Internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. You can adjust your Internet browser to warn you when cookies are being used. If you refuse to receive cookies you may not be able to access parts of the CEDAR BAKERY website.

Security and disclosure of information

Your personal information will not be released unless the law permits it or your permission is given. We provide a secure environment and a reliable system but you should be aware that there may be inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the Internet.

CEDAR BAKERY will disclose information it maintains when required to do so by law, for example, in response to a court order or a subpoena or other legal obligation, in response to a law enforcement agency’s request, or in special cases when the CEDAR BAKERY has reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) IXA rights or property.

Notification and changes

If the CEDAR BAKERY privacy policy is changed, those changes will be posted on this page so that users are aware of what information is collected, how it is used and under what circumstances, if any, it is disclosed. Users should check this policy frequently to keep abreast of any changes.

Contact for questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site or any related dealings with the CEDAR BAKERY,


Editorial Policy

Content submitted to the CEDAR BAKERY by users is subject to prior review by editors (see content management), who determine its suitability. Any content offered to the site may be rejected by editors if, in the editor’s opinion, it advocates violence, contains profanity, is inflammatory in nature, is not relevant to the subject of that section of the site, or is otherwise inappropriate. The policy does not seek to filter out but rather to include the best.

The views expressed in content appearing on the CEDAR BAKERY website are entirely those of the originators, and should not be attributed in any manner to the CEDAR BAKERY.


Content Management

The goal of the CEDAR BAKERY is to ensure an open and accessible content system dedicated to the provision of quality information. The content management system of the site is based on the editorial judgment of selected individuals and organisations that demonstrate extensive knowledge of the subject, objectivity and openness. Editors are responsive to direction from advisors and sectoral experts, who themselves are drawn from a range of institutions and organisations.

The site uses a ‘deferred publishing’ approach, so that content suggested by users is reviewed prior to acceptance on the site. Selection of resources, issues, discussion topics, news and technical data for the site is carefully analysed and based on fact and the needs of the CEDAR BAKERY audience. This challenge of combining Internet technologies with sound human judgment, in a manner that is both open and professionally sound, is at the core of the CEDAR BAKERY’s editorial and assessment policy.

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