Breaking Bread

Our bakery is at the heart of all we do. It radiates warmth and love. As The Beatles once sang, “All you knead is love, love is all you knead!” In Lebanese culture, you share the things you love, and we love sharing our breads and bakery products.

Lebanese food is diverse. From north to south, there have been all kinds of influences on how our cuisine has developed. Lebanon has always been a crossroads of cultures and civilisations, dating back at least 7000 years to the time of the Phoenicians. The Lebanese kitchen is infused with many different ingredients, tastes and flavours.

However, bread has always been a staple. It’s almost always on hand for any meal. You could say that bread is ingrained in our culture! It’s a pure pleasure that nearly everyone – rich, poor, young and old – can share in and enjoy.

At Cedar’s, we have a secret dough recipe that’s been in the family for longer than anyone seems to remember. It’s what makes our bakery pies and pizzas so special, including favourites like our zaatar, minced lamb, and halloumi cheese pies. Additionally, the blend of spices we use for our zaatar is unique. It is what makes us stand out from other bakeries.

We bake all our products daily using locally sourced ingredients and traditional Lebanese preparation methods, so you can taste the freshness! It’s why our customers have been coming back for more since 1998 when we first opened our Preston store.

The Cedar’s vision has always been to serve our community and share in the sustenance of good food. In good times and bad, we break bread and join hands, extending our friendship and sharing in our good fortune. It’s a Lebanese tradition we are incredibly proud of and something we’ve done since our humble beginnings.

So next time you want to share in the good things, come break bread with us at Cedar’s!

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