Traditional Lebanese pastries made on site daily


One of the most popular Lebanese foods is the traditional bakery pies and pizzas. Favourites like zaatar (oregano, sesame seeds, and olive oil), and minced meat (lamb, onion, tomato) are especially delicious at Cedars. The secret Cedar dough recipe has been within the family for years and is the main reason for the seriously delicious and stand out Lebanese pies and pizzas and keeps people coming back for more. All the bakery products are baked daily using locally sourced ingredients and traditional Lebanese preparation methods.




Zaatar Manousheh *2.5

oregano, sesame seeds, oil

Zaatar + Veggies *6.8

Zaatar + Veggies + Bio Cheese *8.8

Spinach *4.8

spinach, onion, spices

Mixed Veggies6.8

mixed veggies, curry, spices

Bio Cheese & Spinach6.8

bio cheese, spinach


Zaatar & Cheese *3.8

oregano, sesame seeds, oil, halloumi cheese

Zaatar + Veggies + Halloumi Cheese *7.8

Garlic Pizza3.8

house garlic, halloumi cheese, parsley

Cheese Pie4.8

halloumi cheese

Cheese & Spinach *4.8

halloumi cheese, spinach

Cheese Special5.8

halloumi cheese, tomato, olives

Feta Square *5.8

feta cheese, spinach, tomato, onion, spices

Ricotta Traingle *5.8

ricotta, spinach, spices

Shanklish *5.8

dried yoghurt, onion, tomato, olives, spices

Vegetarian Manousheh8.5

halloumi cheese, spinach, tomato, olives, capsicum

Margherita Manousheh8.5

mozzerella cheese, olives, oregano, sauce

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