Beshara Taouk arrived in Melbourne from Lebanon in 1958 and became a successful businessman and community leader over the decades. His family hailed from Bsharri, a town in the mountainous north of Lebanon.In this region, bread-making traditions reach back hundreds of years.

After all his years in Australia, Beshara was successful and satisfied, yet his dream was to give Melbourne an authentic, high-quality Lebanese bakery experience with the smell, the texture, the taste he remembered from his childhood. There were other Lebanese bakeries in Melbourne. But none lived up to his memories. Armed with a secret dough recipe that had been in the family for years, Beshara opened Cedar Bakery in 1998 in High St, Preston.

Word soon got around, and more than two decades on Cedar’s is an institution in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The place to go for Melbourne’s finest Lebanese bakery

Our Story

In 2013, Beshara’s son George Taouk and George’s son in law, John-Paul Saad took over Cedar Bakery. It was a much anticipated “passing of the baton” as the pair proceeded to revolutionise the Cedar Bakery offering!

Although the plans were ambitious, the intent was to always stay true to the Cedar Bakery authenticity, Lebanese hospitality, culture, and ensuring Cedar’s maintained its welcoming atmosphere.

Cedar Bakery Preston is our Flagship store, an airy, light-filled modern space with a cafe, bakery and grocery store all rolled into one. In line with Melbourne’s coffee culture, George and John-Paul have ensured Cedar’s coffee is every bit as exceptional as the pastries and pizzas by partnering with Industry Beans – one of Melbourne’s Best Specialist Boutique Roasters.

John-Paul and George’s dream is continue to grow and connect the Lebanese Culture … Cedar Bakery is bringing Lebanese hospitality to a store near you!

You’re Always Welcome!

What started as Beshara Taouk’s desire to share his love of authentic Lebanese bread has become one of Melbourne’s most popular Lebanese bakery.

At Cedar’s, we proudly hold true to our traditions while always looking forward and embracing new opportunities.

We share our love of food and extend our hospitality to all who come through our doors. You’re always welcome!


Single use plastic is one of the biggest issues we face in business and on the planet. At Cedars we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Some examples: Wherever possible we use plastics that are durable and practical enough for multiple uses. We predominantly use paper-based containers and bags and encourage people to bring their own containers for take away goods. We do our best to encourage people to bring their own keep cups for coffee and sell keep cups. Straws are not on display and are only provided upon request.
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