Established in 1998, Cedar is committed to serving the finest foods & coffee, made with the freshest ingredients.

Our Coffee

Quality and Expertise

At Cedar Bakery we are proud to be serving one of Melbourne’s Best Speciality Boutique Roaster – Industry Beans.

We are committed to serving you quality coffee by our highly experienced baristas.

Our Food

Traditional Meets Modern – Lebanese

Influenced by the Northern Regions of Lebanon, our home style recipes have been adapted with an Australian influence using locally sourced produce and ingredients to guarantee an exceptional quality cuisine.

Our Cedar family dough recipe is the main reason for the delicious and standout Lebanese pies and pastries complimented with a traditional breakfast & lunch menu.

Blending our cuisine with the “shared-plate” Mezza culture, you will feel the authentic vibe that we bring to your table every single time you dine in.

As we always say, ‘You’re Always Welcome!” – To us this means you are happy, you’re full and you can relax with your loved ones.


Distinctive Deli, Spices and Groceries

Cedar specialises in providing quality middle eastern groceries, spices, oil and pickles.
To cater to busy lifestyles, there are also many options to take home our pre-packed Cedar Bakery meals and snacks to enjoy. It’s a home-made feel made to eat at home!

Most of what you enjoy on your plate when you eat in, you will find on our shelves.
In addition to traditional groceries, Cedars sustainably-source products and superfoods.


We cater for all your events

Cedar bakery offering catering services for events of all types and groups of all sizes. You name it, we deliver it! Please contact us for more details.

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